MPBSpread: Modeling the spread of mountain pine beetle in novel habitats

Developing a model to simulate mountain pine beetle spread across landscapes under various management scenarios and climates

Wildfire behavior modelling in mountain pine beetle affected stands in BC

Improving our ability to forecast
catastrophic wildfire in MPB-affected stands by developing a predictive model

A novel symbiosis between the alder bark beetle and a fungal pathogen

Investigating the evolution of bark beetle–fungus mutualisms using the alder bark beetle and its association with a Neonectria canker pathogen as a study system

Exploring underlying mechanisms behind bark beetle-fungal mutualisms

Determining life history, preference, and performance of alder bark beetles in relation to a predicted fungal mutualist Neonectria in red alder stands

Disturbance synergies: Douglas-fir beetle outbreaks following wildfires

Quantifying the potential for wildfires to facilitate Douglas-fir beetle outbreaks in dry interior forests within British Columbia

Quantifying suitable habitat for endemic mountain pine beetles

Predicting suitable habitat for endemic mountain pine beetles through incorporating Stand Density Index (SDI) and climatic suitable models

An investigation into insect outbreak dynamics across the Pacific Northwest

Identifying how the changing climate has affected, and will continue to affect, the patterns of native forest insect outbreaks

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Shifting interactions between western spruce budworm and Douglas-fir beetle

Investigating the northern expansion of spruce budworm outbreaks on northern Douglas-fir forests within British Columbia

Mountain pine beetle and endemic population persistence in novel habitat

Measuring the potential of post-outbreak persistence by invasive pine beetle populations in the montane-boreal transition zone

Climate-induced range expansion of an eruptive herbivore into novel habitat

Measuring the biological response of mountain pine beetle to range expansion into novel habitat within a warming climate

An exploration of the effect of road disturbance on insect disturbances

Investigating how the presence of roads affects the distribution and characteristics of different forest insect pest types within British Columbia

The effects of mule deer winter range management on forest disturbances

Understanding the consequences of mule deer winter range management on forest disturbances in the interior dry forests of British Columbia

Historical and contemporary disturbance regimes in interior forests

Utilizing dendrochronological techniques to investigate current and historical disturbance regimes within dry interior forests